Get Your Medical Cannabis Card

How to get your Missouri Medical Marijuana Card

Missouri Patient/Caregiver Application Process

For individuals to participate in Missouri’s Medical Cannabis Program, Department of Health and Senior Services will receive applications for qualifying patients, primary caregivers, and patient cultivation electronically through a department provided, web-based application system. In the event of application system unavailability, the department will arrange to accept applications in an alternative, department-provided format and will notify the public of those arrangements through its website at There are currently three (3) types of applications available, namely:

    ·       Qualifying Patient
  • Minor (Non-emancipated individual under age 18)

·       Primary Caregiver

·       Patient Cultivation

Each application type has its own set of requirements. It is important to frequently visit MDHSS website to ensure you stay current with application requirements. 


The following steps must be completed for individuals during their identification card application: 

Obtain Physician Certification and all other required documents.

a.      Patients will need the Physician Certification Form completed by an MD or DO in good standing in the state of Missouri.
b.      Patients requiring more than the standard four (4) ounces should use the Alternative Physician Certification Form, completed by two different physicians.

c.      Patient that are under the age of 18 will also need to complete and submit a Parent/Legal Guardian Consent Formwith their application.

d.       Applying caregivers will need a Patient Authorization Form and the patient’s license number, which the patient will receive once their application is approved.

Patient completes online application – including the following information:

a.      Physician Certification, identifying information (Name, Date of Birth, SSN), proof of Missouri residency, photograph, and Missouri financial assistance (if applicable). 

 Patient receives notification from MDHSS (Approval, Denial or Incompletion).

 Once approved, patient receives medical cannabis identification card

Note:The department has 30 days to process all submitted applications and processes them in the order they were received. For more information about navigating through the web-based application system please visit 


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