Budtender Courses

Coming Soon….

COCO will soon be offering Budtender training and certifications in the beginning of 2021. Check here soon to see the first dates we are offering classes!


As the name might suggest, a budtender is similarly related to a bartender or sommelier. These individuals possess in-depth knowledge of the cannabis plant, consumption methods, intoxicating effects, general health and wellness, and endocannabinoid system that permit budtenders to make specific recommendations based on individualized patient-centered approach through conditions, abilities, needs, routines, and unique goals. Generally stating, this is a common entry-level profession of the cannabis industry and can be a great way to get your start!

  • Most “cannabis experts” are self-taught with a passion for cannabis who gained their knowledge from cultivators, extraction and infusion technicians, and other enthusiasts. Budtenders play an integral part in providing personalized recommendations and must be able to accurately and effectively communicate fundamental cannabis science, law and regulations in accordance with state regulations to their patients.
  • As the cannabis industry marketplace becomes more competitive, getting a comprehensive certification is not such a bad idea. As a prospective employee this can really set you apart from the next person! This will demonstrate to employers that you are proactive and serious applicant who will be ready to go on day one.
  • Through the completion of this course our team of subject matter experts will give you the necessary tools to be a lawful, safe and knowledgeable while creating a positive community relationship.
  • Some of the topics that will be covered will include:

    1.  Missouri Laws and Regulations

    2.  History of Cannabis

    3.  Cannabis Plant Science

    4.  The Human Endocannabinoid System

    5.  Cannabinoid & Terpene Education

    6.  Methods of Medicating

    7.  Safety of Cannabis

    8.  Role of a Budtender

    9.  Missouri’s Medical Cannabis Patient Program

    10.  Getting a Job in the Cannabis Industry

  • Throughout this course you will get to experience situational role-playing techniques of being an educator and healthcare professional. Before completion of this course, you will be given a certification exam requiring a passing grade of (80%) in order to receive your COCO Dispensary Budtender Certification.